Behind Arriau Decorative Arts are two passionate creators who decided to push further the laws of matter and shape to create unique
furniture, lighting and decorative objects.

This alliance between Jean Arriau and Jean-Yves Lanvin results in fascinating and exceptional creations, carefully
handcrafted from a choice of the best noble materials.

They each have their own vision and express themselves through a specific universe, mineral for Jean-Yves Lanvin, organic for Jean Arriau.

In our foundry and workshops located in Normandie, France, our craftsmen work bronze, brass, steel, which they mold, engrave, hammer,
twist and loosen at will.

From this delicate work with metal and minerals, specificity of the Arriau brand, is born a collection full of strength and finesse that proudly showcases the French know-how.

Our creations are visible in our showroom located in Cuy Saint-Fiacre, Normandie.